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Dance to Spawn a Galaxy

The dance of little loops of energy may be responsible for the particles that make up the quantum soup at the fabric of the universe. These superstrings aren’t so super-sized. If your shimmy was able to impact the universe at the same scale, your dance would spawn a galaxy.

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Examined Life Living Podcast

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Remaining Hopeful In Our Violent World

I am typically in awe of the universe and therefore upbeat. I have had a lot of opportunity to write on and study historic meaning and how the universe is constructed and how those two might not be...
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Avoid Martyring Trump at the Convention

With each passing primary or caucus, Americans are awakening to the real possibility that Donald Trump may well gain the nomination of the Republican Party. He has been successful in overcoming...
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Trump is to the Left as Obama is to the Right

Throughout Mr. Obama's entire presidency, even as I had qualms with some of his policies, the thing I could never understand was the vitriol that was thrown his way by the Republican Party. I...
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Response to the Rise of Trump

Reaction to the Rise of Trump

It could have gone either way. Not the election, my reaction to the rise of Trump. Historic is not quiet the right word for the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of...
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Mindful Play

Mindful Play

I love to play. There is nothing I like better than imaginative, open-ended activities. Time devoid of deadlines or expectations. Our mind is free to create. Our subjective-self soars and smiles....
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Existential Angst – My Most Emotional Equation

Not Exactly Anxiety Ever feel like you are just going through the motions? Feel like you were meant for something more grand? Worse yet, do you feel like you know what would give your life greater...
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Not the Laws of Nature, instead the Algorithms of Nature

As I've progressed through the material necessary to right a book on the processes of the universe, life, and thought, I've come to believe that the so called Laws of Nature are mislabeled. Instead...
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Jung Society Think Tank

What is the Jung Society Think Tank? The Jung Society Think Tank is a monthly forum for ideas for a select group of multidisciplanary thinkers on the cutting edge of their disciplines, an...
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Uniting the Heart of Humanity – Parliament of World Religions

With great excitement and a strong desire to learn and be in awe of humanity’s best, I attended my first Parliament of World Religions. I was not let down, indeed my soul was lifted. Much of its...
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