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Howdy.  My name is Justin Harnish and I am pleased to present Examined Life Living.  I have been an engineer, strategic planner, and recently an author of spiritual, motivational, and metaphysical non-fictions and poems.

JustinI find flow in the sharing of ideas, synergy in wrestling with thoughts within a community.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is, I reserve a special place in my heart for research, writing, and rhetoric.  I want Examined Life Living to be a place where the right amount of time is spent to deliver compelling thought and open up ideas using what we understand from the science that fuels our creativity and the stories that explain who we are.

Examined Life Living is a homemaking blog for the dynamic thinker: the person that nests in the multidisciplinary corners of the mind; the thinker that simmers with awe on discovering a deep-thought; the bit of being challenging the recipe with the spices of life.

I set out down this mountain path with a smile, invigorated by the thought-purifying air, mindful of the beauty of the things I’ll see and learn, and hopeful to meet others sharing in the same examination.  Yet, I walk now at a constant pace and alone, happy but hopeful to meet and learn from you.

My purpose in creating Examined Life Living is to find the transcendent in thought.  Hypotheses are proposed and modeled by gleaning connections from various disciplines including physics, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, mythology, history, art, and sociology (amongst others) and then the opposite approach is taken – the repurposed is held in repose and reviewed in its original form.  Examination of life at the start of the 21st century is play in the most intriguing toy store.  Uncertainty, chaos, consciousness, singularity, globalism, information, the Anthropocene, and even an earth exodus enrich and entice the imagination; but climate change, eroding human rights, and economic disparity suggest that the object of our quest is not the summit but indeed in the story we construct to inform and motivate others to examine life… to both be and becoming.

Examined Life Living is an add-free, reader-supported non-profit (I hate pop-ups, especially on my phone!).  Thank you in advance for donating and/or supporting our products (coming soon).

Please enjoy.