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Did you ever stand back-to-back with one of your classmates to measure who was taller?  Have you ever got down on the ground and really looked at an ant hill?  Have you climbed to the top of a local hill or mountain to look down on your hometown and point out landmarks?  Of course we have all at some point taken a measure of our lives in relation to the landmarks and life-forms around us.  Humans have looked into the starry sky and into particle colliders in order to gain perspective from the scale of the universe.  Thanks to Cary and Michael Huang at, the makers of the wonderful flash app scale of the universe, the internet has another tool that helps us to understand our place in the cosmos, our section of the star stuff.

Calabi-Yau shape that is one of many potential forms of the extra dimensions that superstrings vibrate on... Perspective at the smallest

Calabi-Yau shape that is one of many potential forms of the extra dimensions that superstrings vibrate on… Perspective at the smallest

I have played on scale of the universe for hours.  I’ve tried to memorize some of my favorite scales for quick reference and have utilized it to draw analogies about our size compared to both the fabric and the finality of the universe.  One of my favorites is comparing the size of the theoretical super-strings that vibrate in a symphony that create everything to the next largest particle, the neutrino, is like comparing our human size to that of the Milky Way galaxy.  More than just pure pleasure, scale of the universe provides me with perspective.  I understand that space, planets, chainlink, cowgirls, and me are all indistinguishable and immeasurable universe fabric at some level.  I understand that our solar system, the reach of our technology, and our galactic neighborhood are all dwarfed by the expansion of spacetime and the future light cone of the earliest stars.  I am awestruck and humbled, puny and purposeful all at once.  For me the scale of the universe connects me not in the middle, but just as part of the same continuum of stuff, ideas, and process.

Going to the Mountain to Gain Perspective

Our universe gives us perspective, what our place in scale and time is and what it can become.  We learn about what the fabric is that creates us all and what is out there from the earliest stages of our universe.  The interactive website,, informs and entertains allowing us to scroll through the near space, the far space, and every space in-between.  Awesome in its scope and mysterious at its fabric, the scale of the universe teaches us  a bit of what it is to be human.

The cosmic glow of the Carina Nebula

The cosmic glow of the Carina Nebula

I highly recommend you should all investigate scale of the universe for the perspective it offers on our place in the multiverse of meaning.  It is important to both “go to the mountain and go to the amoeba,” to take every chance to gain perspective.  We need perspective in order to understand our next steps, how to plan our path forward.  We need perspective to learn from our past but to have no regrets.  We need perspective to empower our happiness in the little things and reduce the impact of suffering.  We need to understand how grand and awesome the universe is while at the same time realizing that we are completely a part of it, right down to its stringy fabric.  And finally, perspective on the universe helps us to understand our purpose in it — and it does have one for us — to use our minds, body, and spirituality to gain a natural transcendence — a conscious connection to the multiverse’s process that projects our universe.

Context is the kingdom

Context enlivens the content.  Knowing our surroundings settles us in our place.  In our quest for natural transcendence, our surroundings our the cosmos, our place is the fabric, the bulk, or the brane.  The content of our story is our consciousness, but the context is purported to be projected from the holographic film that maintains all information, past and future, into our world.  Through understanding and an agile mind, we find purpose from this perspective and take a first step on a path with proximity to a transcendent future.