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What is the Jung Society Think Tank?

The Jung Society Think Tank is a monthly forum for ideas for a select group of multidisciplanary thinkers on the cutting edge of their disciplines, an opportunity to present your unique idea, your mark on the world. Over the course of the two hours following your presentation, the think tank participants will workshop your idea through rigorous discussion from a multidisciplanary (art, business, philo, hard science) perspective.

Jung Society Think Tank Introduction from Justin Harnish on Vimeo.

This video introduces the Jung Society of Utah’s Think Tank. A monthly forum of ideas for a select group of thinkers on the cutting edge of their disciplines.

The Jung Society Think Tank is an interactive, open environment to learn and fertilize ideas across disciplines — a place to sharpen your mind by listening and discussing important ideas with the smartest people in SLC.

The presentations will be at a higher-level than the average TED-talk, targeted for the audience of the think tank that has had a month to research items the presenter prepares in advance. Discussions will be aimed at creatives that can evolve an idea into a cutting edge meme that impacts a global scope.

Retooling Rhetoric

The Think Tank is in the long and old tradition of rhetoric…

“The art of discourse, an art that aims to improve the capability
of writers or speakers to inform, persuade, or motivate
particular audiences in specific situations.”

In this tradition, change happens in the individual, shared with a group of smart like minded individuals it becomes part of a global change for the betterment of our species and those we have stewardship over.

Retooling rhetoric at the Jung Society Think TankThe Jung Society Think Tank is unique in the landscape of verbal thought discussion/sharing shared with programs like TED, Intelligence Squared Debates or I2Q, and the Moth in that in those forums there is little to no opportunity to dialogue to make the idea better.

Why Choose the Jung Society of Utah for a Think Tank?

Salt Lake City’s elite thinkers are at the forefront of ideas on diversity, climate change, neuroscience, philosophy, information theory, and of course, psychology.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” – A. Einstein

Jungian approaches have always been multidisciplanary, creating new landscapes in “outer-spaces” and “inner-spaces” that have been transformative to both disciplines to this day.

Jung Society of Utah

A proud partner with the Jung Society of Utah. The mission of the Jung Society of Utah is to deepen the experience of the creative spirit through psychological and philosophical education, artistic expression, expansive perspectives and creation of a soulful community.

Most of the major ideas of the modern day are rooted in a “societal subtext” suited to a Jungian approach. Themes that might offer insight or untangle problem from solution (as in the Einstein quote) are uncovered by a Jungian approach that analyzes ideas by unpacking the cultural stories we retell, overlaying them with neurological and societal interactions, and arriving at a consilience, a unity of knowledge.

We are all called to separate from the womb of “the Other’s ideas” and forge our breakthrough idea. This first step, separation, is WHY the Jung Society Think Tank was formed, as a force field drawing ideas out of society and giving them a place to improve.

During the trials of initiation, the second and longest step on the Heroic Life Path, a community of combatants is formed and battles are won and lost. Skills and tools are gained. This is HOW the Jung Society Think Tank works, retooling rhetoric, developing the skills of listening, creativity, speaking, and improving raw ideas into impactful, viral memes.

Finally, in the step of retelling, the WHAT the Jung Society Think Tank does, we talk about both the path and the progress toward solution, method and results. The community grows as each node is enhanced and tells their version in their discipline.

Join Us

The Heroic Path is calling you to the Jung Society Think Tank, where you will use rhetoric to improve on your idea, share in the creation of humanity’s important changes and new wisdom for the ages, and bolster your sense of purpose from examined life living.

The selection process has already started. Get your name into consideration contact Justin via email at

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